Patent solution MyIntelliPatent

MyIntelliPatent is a patent knowledge management platform for enterprises. MyIntelliPatent supports the cooperative work of enterprise professionals and the consolidation of enterprise knowledge on patents, including scores and comments.

MyIntelliPatent supports patent management tasks as patent monitoring, patent-based analyses and patent searches.

MyIntelliPatent is provided as a SaaS solution: any company accesses to its own secured server and repository, which includes company specific annotations and scores of patents of interest and vocabularies of technologies of interest.

MyIntelliPatent provides different functions to different company user groups, as patent analysts, R&D department, legal department and facilitates the exchange of results between different user groups in the company.

MyIntelliPatent includes proprietary text mining and analytics technologies to empower all the tasks.

IntelliSemantic solution MyIntelliPatent supports efficiently all of these usecases. For some more details about UseCases and MyIntelliPatent click here.

MyIntelliPatent is provided by an annual license fee, which includes IntelliSemantic training and support services.

Please feel free to contact us for demos and free assisted trials specific for your usecases and technical domains of interests.

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