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Blockchain patent based landscape and trends. An IntelliSemantic web conference

IntelliSemantic will held a web conference on Blockchain technologies and applications landscape and trends on 15/07/2021 from 16:00 CET till 17:30 CET. The landscape will be based on blockchain patents collected and accessed by the tool MyIntelliPatent.

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EPO released a new Linked Open Data demo

EPO has just released a new demo where Linked Open Data (LOD) are applied to European patent publications.

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The AI impact on patent searches and analyses: my views after Search Matters 2019

Besides very interesting news and tutorials, the EPO Search Matters event 2019 highlighted new opportunities and challenges in patent analyses and searches, and, more specifically, the impact of AI, which was the topic discussed in the first plenary presentation and in the round table at the end of the first days. Since this topic attracts fears and expectations as well, I summarize here my views about this debated topic in terms of: why, how, when.

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Semantics in Patent Information

The term "semantics", a specific branch of Natural Language Processing, means to add meanings to text; in fact, a word can have different meanings, depending on the context. The world “semantics” entered in patent information circles about ten years ago, mainly as “semantic searches”, denoting new kind of searches whose query is expressed as a text.

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Linked Data of course can be applied to patents too!

Linked Data (LD) is a more powerful and flexible method of publishing and accessing data bases relying on international recommendations issued by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). The adoption of the LD paradigm facilitates the integration of different data bases and the reuse of vocabularies and knowledge already available as Linked Data.

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IntelliSemantic's new blog

This is the new corporate blog of IntelliSemantic, an european company based in Italy that provides Business Intelligence solutions for Patents. The blog will present IntelliSemantic's vision and news.

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