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4/10/2017 (Rivoli): A new release of MyIntelliPatent is out! In 3Q17 myIntelliPatent evolutions were mainly focused to increase patent monitoring and users collaboration, suitable to process and disseminate patent information to organisations with different roles. New features have also been added in patent analytics and in patent searching. For more detailed information, please contact us!

31/05/2017 (Ilmenau): IntelliSemantic at Patinfo 2017 Conference (from 31/5/2017 to 2/6/2017) will presents news about the patent-knowledge management solution MyIntelliPatent. The workshop (on 31/5's afternoon) will focus about the use of MyIntelliPatent in different usecases, such as Patent monitoring, Prior-art searches, FTO searches, Validity searches, Technology analysis, Competitors analysis. IntelliSemantic will exhibit at stand 2.

8/06/2016 (Ilmenau): IntelliSemantic at Patinfo 2016 Conference (9/6/2016 and 10/6/2016) presents a workshop on the patent-knowledge management solution MyIntelliPatent features and usecases. Intellisemantic's workshop will provide an overview of MyIntelliPatent and show its value across different usecases, from patent monitoring to technology and competitor intelligence, and from prior-art to validity and infringement search. Visit us at stand ONE! (and take a look to the poster too!).

21/09/2015 (Roma): IntelliSemantic is listed as "PMI Innovativa" (Innovative SME) in today official list update of "Registro Imprese" of the Italian Chamber of Commerce. This list is currently including 45 italian companies.

10/06/2015 (Ilmenau): IntelliSemantic at Patinfo Conference presents a workshop on semantic technologies applied to patents. Intellisemantic's workshop provides an overview of Semantic technologies and exemplifies their value in different usecases, from technology to competitor intelligence, from prior-art to validity search.

26/05/2015 (Colleretto Giacosa): IntelliSemantic presents two speeches at the seminar “Using patent information to improve competitivity” organized by the BioIndustry Park. The first speech provides an overview of most relevant patent information usecases, as technology analysis, competitors analysis, portfolios analysis, prior art search, validity search, infringement search. The second speech presents the solution MyIntelliPatent of IntelliSemantic and exemplifies its use for some of the aforementioned usecases. A flyer and invitation to the event (in Italian) can be downloaded here.

15/12/2014 (Torino): the final paper of TOPAS European Project is now published in the higly-reputed journal “World Patent Information”. The paper describes the working prototipe of TOPAS, including processes for patent segmentation, lexicon extraction and summarization. The paper is available from this link.

3/10/2014 (Napoli): IntelliSemantic talk at AIDB Council: “Smart Patent Analysis with MyIntelliPatent”. News from the IntelliSemantic world. We will present also, for the first time, the new version MyIntelliPatent 1.3.8.

19/9/2014 (Colleretto Giacosa): collaboration with Bioindustry Park Silvano Fumero SpA. IntelliSemantic and Bioindustry Park Silvano Fumero, that hosts ‘Polo bioPmed', start a collaboration for a extensive assessment of MyIntelliPatent (the IntelliSemantic patent analysis tool) in the field of Life science industry. [Press release] .

29/5/2014 (Torino): MyIntelliPatent 1.3.4 is out!. A major release of MyIntelliPatent is now available with new features in patent collection workflow, in patent navigation and search management, and many more. We also included many improvements suggested by our valued customers.

24-25/10/2013 (Bologna): IntelliSemantic talk at AIDB meeting (Associazione Italiana Documentaristi Brevettuali) about "The TOPAS European Project and the second generation of Semantic Technology applied to Patent Informatics" by Alberto Ciaramella, IntelliSemantic CEO. 

22-24/10/2013 (Bologna): IntelliSemantic will exhibit at EPO Patent Information Conference 2013. We will exhibit the new version 1.3 of MyIntelliPatent, for smart patent Business Intelligence, and the results of TOPAS European Project, by our stand 22 in the Conference exhibition. We will take a seminar about these results on Wednesday 23/10, from 11:30 to 12:30 at the Exhibitor seminar room.

5-9/3/2013 (Hannover): IntelliSemantic exhibits at Cebit 2013 in the Italian stand (Hall 9, stand A8), focusing on the new version 1.2 of MyIntelliPatent, its personalized patent analysis solution for IP professionals, and on IntelliFacet/IntelliCategory, its document categorization and tagging engine for system integrators and final users, and its different kind of enterprise applications. IntelliSemantic will also demonstrate the first results of the Research Project TOPAS (Tool Platform for Patent Analysis and Summarization).

23/8/2012 (Torino): A major release of MyIntelliPatent is now available. In addiction of the alreadly-avalable analysis, search, navigation and tagging features, now MyIntelliPatent 1.2.8 allows the users to add and edit their own comments, and to easly manage the sessions. Furthermore, a new page allows the user the navigation and the download of the original patent documents and drawings.

12/3/2012 (Torino): Beginning of Web-BI Project (Web Business Intelligence). IntelliSemantic is a partner of the Regional co-founded Project Web-BI. This Project will study information extraction and analysis technologies useful for Regenerative Medicine Research activities.

6-10/3/2012 (Hannover): IntelliSemantic exhibits at Cebit 2012 in the Piemonte ICT stand (Hall 26, stand J29), focusing on the new MyIntelliPatent 1.0, its new patent analysis solution for IP professionals, and on IntelliFacet/IntelliCategory, its categorization and tagging engine for system integrators and final users, also on custom projects.

16/1/2012 (Torino) Release of MyIntelliPatent 1.0. MyIntelliPatent is IntelliSemantic new tool for Patent analysis. MyIntelliPatent makes easy and effective both analysis of large Patent sets and the analysis of a single Patent to perform a large number of Business and Research tasks. More info at MyIntelliPatent product page.

27-28/10/2011 (Barcelona) TOPAS European Project Kick-off. TOPAS (Tool platform for intelligent Patent Analysis and Summarization) aims to bring to the market of IPR protection and management new technologies and solutions that will provide high quality automatic means for content analysis and summarization of patent material. The result of TOPAS R&D activity will enrich IntelliSemantic new product MyIntelliPatent.

18-20/10/2011(Kilkenny, Ireland) IntelliSemantic will exhibit at Patent Information Conference 2011, promoted by European Patent Office. IntelliSemantic will present myIntelliPatent, a SaaS solution able to collect and categorize a large set of patents according to different and customizable criteria. Besides, MyIntelliPatent can extract the most significant concepts and perform a user-friendly search and navigation in the results.

12/5/2011 (Pula, Cagliari): IntellliSemantic invited speaker at AIDB, the conference of AIDB (Italian Association of patent documentalists). IntelliSemantic presented a overview of sematic technologies and possible evolutions in the patent search domain.

15/3/2011 (Torino): Beginning of the VANACA project (Video And Audio Navigation and Content Analysis). VANACA is a feasibility study, partly cofinanced by the Regione Piemonte, for demonstrating advanced solutions in video searching. This feasibility study is carried out by IntelliSemantic, providing the search engine and semantic background, and Planet, providing the video platform and applications background.

1-5/3/2011 (Hannover): IntelliSemantic exhibits at Cebit 2011, the Italian stand (Hall 9), focusing on the new version of the IntelliFacet/IntelliCategory search and categorization engine, with demos in English, Spanish and Italian languages, and on the news version of the IntelliPatent search and monitoring service for patents.

21/12/2010 (Torino): IntelliSemantic releases the new version of the IntelliFacet/IntelliCategory suite.

5-6/10/2010 (Grenoble): IntelliSemantic presents IntelliCategory at GIF in Grenoble.

1/9/2010 (Torino): IntelliSemantic releases the new version of the IntelliPatent service. The new version of IntelliPatent includes some features, as search result page exports.

13/4/2010 (Milano): IntelliSemantic is invited to talk to the Workshop “Technologies for professional practices” organized by AICA (The Italian Association of Automatic Computing). IntelliSemantic, with Studio Scarsi will present IntelliLegal,the vertical solution for navigating legal documents using the IntelliFacet/IntelliCategory search and categorization engine.

2-6/3/2010 (Hannover): IntelliSemantic exhibits at Cebit 2010, in the Italian Stand (Hall 9) and is also invited speaker at Cebit FutureTalk, the research-oriented track, in which IntelliSemantic presented TraceSence (patent pending), a engine for identify categories emerging from user contributed tags.

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